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Virtual Receptionist

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How it works

We will handle all your calls with care.  Our team of dedicated receptionists are available to handle all your business needs They will answer your calls if they were part of your own staff, greet your clients, receive your mail and packages and deliveries, prepare your documents, set appointments, receive and send faxes, and manage anything else you might require.

With OSS VOIP technology our dedicated staff is able to answers your calls just like a member of your company. The staff will carefully screen your calls before transferring the calls to you. Calls are seamlessly connected to you, put into voice-mail, or whatever you choose. We can relay messages, inform callers about your business, or follow other special instructions that you've left for us.

Incoming calls come to the OSS via your dedicated business line. The calls are answered by our professional staff within 3 rings with your company name, screened and announced to you via any phone/mobile phone destination that you have provided. We connect you within seconds., so you can carry on business as usual — just as if you were in the next office. With Virtual Receptionist, you’ll get only the calls you want, when you want them.

If you’re unavailable we can forward the call to your voicemail or take a message e-mail address, fax or phone. With our propriety technology, we can provide more than just a company name to callers. Our systems allow us to supply callers with a set of frequently asked questions (FAQ's), technical information, sales information, and appointment scheduling. Our voicemail system will even call you if you have a voicemail message. We can supply these services to just you, or to multiple members of your company.

Virtual Receptionist Features:

  • Your calls are answered in 3 rings
  • Your customers are greeted with a personal script predetermined by you
  • Your calls are routed to the appropriate person (as determined by you)
  • You update your status and we will route call accordingly
  • Pre-announce and screen calls (you receive only the calls you want)
  • Relay individual messages to your callers as you request
  • Answer FAQ about your company
  • Make appointments and update your calendar
  • Quote prices or send formal quotes
  • Other customizable solutions – Just ask

Part-Time or Back-Up

If you already have a receptionist, you can use the Virtual Receptionist part-time or as a back-up receptionist. We can cover lunch breaks, sick days, vacations, or when you just have too many calls coming in. You'll never have to worry about your clients being greeted by a busy signal or voice-mail.

Highlights—Virtual Receptionist

  • Works with all phones, including business systems and cell phones
  • Works with existing phone numbers or new ones provided by us
  • Works with any number of employees
  • Can be used full-time, or part-time as a back-up receptionist

It’s Affordable

Virtual Receptionist is just as affordable as it is convenient. The average cost is less than 10% of the salary of a traditional receptionist. Call today to receive more.

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