Office Space & Solutions  provides executive suites, virtual offices , virtual receptionist, and a full compliment of services essential to our customers throughout Hampton Roads. OSS centers offer a wide range of services customized to provide our clients with integrated telecommunications services, reception services, secretarial services, the most advanced office technology, conference rooms and dedicated or non-dedicated office space. OSS centers are located in Class A buildings, decorated and furnished to have the feel of a Class A corporate headquarters.



OSS’ number one priority is to pursue Class A office space in the best locations. Our first location is in the Pembroke/Towne Center Area in Virginia Beach. This area is considered to be downtown Virginia Beach and is expected to have continual growth and improvement with the current construction and development of both commercial and residential projects. Our second location is in Downtown Norfolk in the Wells Fargo Center.  As the company expands, it will continue to focus on prime locations throughout the area to offer out customers Class A space in the areas they demand.

OSS will be looking to expand on the Southside and Peninsula allowing us and our clients to access a broader range of customers. The multiple sites will allow out customers to expand their geographic reach.

Cutting Edge Technology

The OSS building will be the most technologically advanced office suites building in Hampton Roads. We will use IP telephones and Cisco Call Manager to route our customers call to the various options that meet their business needs, offer VLANS to separate each customer’s data from other OSS customers to prevent virus breakouts, and other high tech options to assist our customers. OSS will offer the best in class IT support by using our partnership with Electronic Systems Inc. (ESI). Our conference rooms will be equipped with plasma TVs to provide the best quality presentation tool for your meetings. OSS will also off Network Attached Storage (NAS) so our customers can safely back up their invaluable data.

A cornerstone differentiator is that our centers are equipped with advanced telecommunication technology called Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)which is the backbone for OSS’ “Connect Me” Communications. A live receptionist will answer your incoming business calls within 3 rings, locate the client anywhere in the world, announce the call, then transfer the call providing the perception that the person they called is physically in the office, down the hall. We can also answer calls and questions to specific customers as scripted by our clients.


Business needs are constantly changing, including our customers need for office space. OSS is conscious of these changes and offers various sizes that scale from a single office to a 4 office suite. The multi-office suite option offers our customers the ability to grow within our buildings. This is an is an option not currently offered in Hampton Roads. OSS also offers various services and packages which give our customers the flexibility to customize a package that meets their need and budget.


OSS will focus on hiring and retaining top quality employees who will focus on customer service. This will include hiring top notch receptionists that will be well trained in customer support and administrative duties. These friendly assistants will be the front line of our operations and will assist our customers with best in class administrative services enabling our customers to do what they do best. Our dedicated staff will provide a variety of administrative support services like prepare documents, set appointments, receive and send faxes, and many other customizable business services. Our administrative services will cost a fraction of the cost of hiring an administrative secretary.

Stable Local Ownership

OSS is a 100% Hampton Roads locally owned business. Being a local group we are very interested in the continued improvement of the area in both business and the community as a whole. OSS will be very active in the market of both business and philanthropy, and charitable organizations that support out local community and business market.. Being a locally owned company enables us to make quick decisions and do that is best for our local customers without the delay of the corporate approval process as well as customizing new solutions to meet the needs of our specific marketplace. OSS is a well funded company through it’s various investors, which gives us the stability to make the decisions that are best for our customers and allow OSS to be the best solution for our customers.

Virtual Offices

OSS offers office solutions that allow out customers to utilize office space on an as needed basis, As OSS expands these customers will have access to both their primary center as well as other OSS centers located around Hampton Roads. These OSS clients will benefit from an impressive corporate headquarters atmosphere and environment for conducting business without the cost of full time office rent.

OSS Services

OSS staff will provide many of the daily services you need to run your company. By paying for these services only when you need them OSS will provide a substantial cost savings to our customer over the traditional full time employee. Our staff is your staff.

In summary, OSS differentiates itself from standard offices and other executive suites by offering a unique combination of customizable business services; high end technology, high end corporate space, an unmatched value proposition; and by delivering superior customer service.

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